ALLRUS Group (please choose your region):

Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan), Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia), Belarus and other countries: ALLRUS Maschinenhandels GmbH, Vienna / Austria


( "LLRUS", Moscow / Russia; branches of "ALLRUS" inSaint-Petersburg / Russia; LLC "ALLGROUP-UKRAINE", Kiev / Ukraine; ALLRUS Maschinenhandels GmbH, Vienna / Austria and Tashkent / Uzbekistan; TOO"ALLRUS KAZ", Almaty / Republic of Kazakhstan)
the exclusive supplier
of the pumping equipment of
CIRCOR Pumping Technologies
/ ALLWEILER (Germany), HOUTTUIN (Holland); IMO, WARREN, ZENITH (the USA) to Russia and the countries of the CIS (progressing cavity,twin- and three-screw positive-displacement pumps, centrifugal,propeller, peristaltic, rotary lobe, sludge pumps, macerators) and
the official distributor of LUTZ / JESCO (Germany) pumping equipment (drum and container, double diaphragm, dosing and chemical centrifugal pumps, chlorinators, water disinfection, measuring / control technology)
for the enterprises of the oil- and gas-processing (pumps for all types of pumping and processing of crude oil & gas and pumps for every secondary application), chemical, metallurgical, shipbuilding, energy, pulp and paper, food, paint and varnish, communal (including for sewage disposal plants) and other industries.

Allrus Group is today the official distributor of
3P Prinz (Italy)(two screw, gear, rotary vane pumps) and ARGAL (Italy) (chemical centrifugal pumps).

In our portfolio there areTRUFLO (the USA) centrifugal pumps of API 610 standard and centrifugal pumps of API 685 standard with magnetic drive.

We propose now the wash water recycling systems, oil separators of FREYLIT (Austria).

Also, Allrus represents SONNEK (Austria) Water Injection Modules for oil & gas.